SKNA-22-2A Ignition unit

SKNA-22-2A Ignition unit

SKNA-22-2A Ignition unit is used to ignite the fuel-air mixture in the combustor tubes of the combustion chamber at engine starting. The condenser low-voltage capacitor ignition system SKNA-22-2A consists of ignition aggregate SKNA-22-2A and of two spark surface discharge SP-06VP-3.

Ignition aggregate consists of two induction coils with two capacitors breakers in the primary circuit, the two selenium rectifiers, two storage capacitors with resistance, two energizers, two dischargers P-22, which introduced a radioactive isotope, and the two resistances. The unit is attached to the onboard power supply socket connector, and spark igniters are attached to him by shielded wires. Each induction coil assembly has two windings: primary and secondary. Initial two-wire circuit coil for arcing reduction at the contacts of vibrators has parallel connected capacitors. The secondary windings are connected via energizers with igniters.

Activator is a resonant circuit excited in the discharge of the capacitor, electric high-frequency vibrations that causes the activator in the secondary winding high voltage sufficient to breakdown the spark gap between electrodes igniters. Protection from radiation of dischargers P-22 is provided with a reliable glass case of dischargers and a cast aluminum housing of the ignition aggregate.

Work ignition SKNA-22-2A based on the charge and discharge of the storage capacitor. The charge of the storage capacitor is produced by a current from the secondary winding through a selenium rectifier until the voltage on the capacitor becomes equal to the amount of breakdown voltages on the discharger and the igniter. Capacitor, at discharging, is causing the surface discharge with a repeated frequency of 6 ... 31Hz between electrodes. The power supply of the aggregate СКНА-22-2A is made by the DC voltage of 27 V. The aggregate may be disabled.

Conformance Standards: SKNA-22-2A conforms to the MIL 8565J standards
Application for helicopters: MI-17, MI-8, MI-171, MI-172

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