RA-60B Booster, hydraulic

RA-60B Booster, hydraulic

Hydraulic actuator RA-60B is a hydro-electro-mechanical operating power mechanism, installed in the heading control system of the helicopter. It can be operated in the manual mode (pedal operation), combined mode (autopilot signals and pedal mode) and in the mode when there is no pressure of the operating liquid in the hydraulic systems and in the mode of rundown. This unit is installed in the operating systems of the helicopter and designed to stress removal of the command control sticks in the system of heading control.

Conformance Standards: RA-60B Booster, hydraulic conforms to the MIL8565J standards

Application for helicopters: MI-17, MI-8, MI-171, MI-172

Technical specifications:
Operating fluid: AMG-10

Operating pressure, kgs/sm2: 42-82

Counterpressure in the drain line, kgs/sm2: 6-8

Temperature range, C0 -environment: from – 60 upto 60 -operation fluid: from – 60 upto 80

Operating voltage, V: 26-28

Operating current, mA: 8-12

Weight with operating fluid: 16 kgs

Service life, years: 10

Service life, hrs: 1500

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