PMK-21TV-3S Program controlled mechanism

 PMK-21TV-3S Program controlled mechanism

This device is used in the anti-ice systems. Its main objectiveis to engage actuating units of cyclic heat element, insure impulse supply of voltage of 27V in cycle.

Conformance Standards: PMK-21TV-3S Program controlled mechanism conforms to the MIL8565J standards
Application for helicopters: Mi-8MTV, Mi-8MTV-5, Mi-17

Technical specifications:
Operating voltage, AC, V: 27 ±3

Consumed current during nominal voltage and disconnected relays, A: 0,45

Current, switching by relays during voltage of 27V, A: 2

Issuance of 18 commands in the form of 4 sequential series

3 series: 4 parallel commands

4th series: 6 parallel commands

Duration of series of commands: 38,5±2 seconds

Operation mode: Continuous

Weight: 3 kg

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