Booster coil КR-12SI is a high-voltage induction coil, which is contained in the shielding enclosure. The electrical part is made of a single-wire scheme.

Booster coil KR-12SI

Booster coil KR-12SI with an electromagnetic vibrator (interrupter) is designed for ignition with the generated current of a high voltage of the mixture in the engine cylinders operating on the light fuel, at the moment of unwinding of the latter by starters. High-voltage current separation into spark igniters of engine cylinders is carried on over the starting magneto.

Conformance Standards:Booster coil KR-12SI conforms to the MIL 8565J standards
Application for helicopters: MI-17, MI-8, MI-171, MI-172

Technical characteristics
Voltage Range (V)18…32
Input Current (А) at the voltage 24V2,3-2,5
Operating modeintermitent periodic, cyclic
Working temperature range °С from -40 to +80
Dimensions, mm 141х74х62
Weight, kg, no more0,6

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