Fire extinguisher 1-4-4

Angular velocity pitch sensor

Airborne fire extinguishers of type 1-4-4 is designed to store extinguishant and represented by steel globe cylinder with the working pressure of 15000 kPa (150kgf/cm2) with adapter connector, pyroheads, manometer and charging nut. Each helicopter is equipped with 2 fire extinguishers 1-4-4, each with capacity of 4 ltrs with 4 pyroheads. Each pyrohead is designed to open the flow of extinguishing fluid to the specified compartment. Actuation of the fire extinguisher is done remotely by electric impulse of fire extinguishing system. 

Conformance Standards: Fire extinguisher 1-4-4 conforms to the MIL8565J standards.

Application for helicopters: MI-17, MI-8, MI-171, MI-172

Technical specifications:
Weight, empty: 6,170 kg

Extinguishant: Freon 114V2 with nitrogen Freon 13V1 with nitrogen

Weight of Freon 114V2: 5,64 kg

Weight of Freon 13V1: 4,90 kg

Margin of error of Freon weight: ±3%

Rupture pressure of the safety membrane, mPa (kgf/cm2): 17,8-21,6 (180-220)

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