EUP-53K indicator, turn

EUP-53K indicator, turn

EUP-53K turn indicator serves for information about horizontal flying and vertical turning with pitch till 45° under flying speed 500 km/h. EUP-53K turn indicator includes two separate devices in one housing: turnkey needle and sideslip indicator .

Conformance Standards:EUP-53K indicator conforms to the MIL 8565J standards

Application for helicopters: MI-8

Performance capability
Operation temperature-60 - +60°C
Device accuracyno more 3%
Delay time of correction switching on after turn0,6-3s
Voltage for direct current27 V
Voltage for alternating current 400 Hz36 V
Consumption current for direct current0,5 A
Consumption current for alternating current0,42 A
Mean time between failuresnone the less 1500 flying hours
Altitude capacity20 000 m, no more
Useful life12 years
Current consumption0,13 A, no more
Dimensions, mm:
Weight, kg1

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