DTE-1 Tachometer

DTE-1 Tachometer

Tachometer sensor DTE-1 is used to measure angular velocity of aircraft’s and helicopter’s engine shafts. They represented as electromechanical sensors, converting mechanical rotating motion into electrical signal. They are used on aircrafts and helicopters to measure speed of shaft motion of the turbine engine. They are designed for the issuance of an electrical signal with a frequency proportional to the speed of the engine shaft, and are three-phase magneto electric alternators.

Conformance Standards: DTE-1 Tachometer conforms to the MIL8565J standards

Application for helicopters: MI-17, MI-8, MI-171, MI-172

Technical specifications:
Operating temperature range, C0 : from - 60 upto 150.

Maximum shaft rotation, revolutions per minute: 2750

Number of system gauges connected to the sensor: 1

Dimensions: 82 x 136 x 150

Weight: 1,3 kg

Service life, years: 9

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