APD-9V Start control panel

 APD-9V Start control panel

Automatic start control panel is used for start and halt of auxiliary power unit AI-9V jf helicopter Mi-17 during airborne and on the ground in different modes, in engages and disengages different units and assemblies of the engine. Start automation is secured by control panel, which according tosequence diagram produce commands to engage or disengage units of the system in due time.

Conformance Standards: APD-9V Start control panel conforms to the MIL8565J standards
Application for helicopters: Mi-8MTV, Mi-8MTV-5, Mi-17

Technical specifications:
Operating voltage, V: 16-30

Operating mode: repeated short-term. 3 timely cycles of 30 seconds

Dimensions: 230 x 210 x 103

Weight: 4,5 kgs

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