8AMT-1250-00SB Vibration damper

28 AMT-1250-00SB Vibration damper

Vibration damper (pendulum vibration damper) is installed on some helicopters to reduce the level of vibration of some of the helicopter’s systems and units, to increase operational reliability of airborne and radio-electronic equipment of helicopter as well as improvement of crew working and operating conditions

Principle of vibration damper operation:

In the process of rotation of main rotor the smooth rocking of pendulum is occurred. Inertial forces of pendulums masses, occurred in that process, exert resistance to the variable loads in the rotation surface, acting on main rotor hub from rotor blades. Matching of pendulum masses and its installation angles in relation to axle arm of main rotor hub result in internal variables in value and direction of force counterbalance by the dynamic response of vibration damper pendulums.

Conformance Standards: 8AMT-1250-00SB Vibration damper conforms to the MIL8565J standards

Application for helicopters: MI-17, MI-8, MI-171, MI-172

Technical specifications:

Weight, kgs: 85

Time to 1st overhaul, years: 7

Time between overhauls, years: 7

Assigned service life, hours: 2000

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